Hey, I'm Rory Kermack.
Award winning Web Developer & Interactive Designer.

As well as working on commercial applications both as a software engineer and interactive designer,

I've helped launch or refine online business/product in many sectors. From accounting to wellness I make it work for their specific needs.

By analyzing goals and target users, making data driven decisions and using the latest, cutting edge technologies, I work with people who want to make the world just that little bit better.
Together we create amazing things..

He is probably one of the best out there, if not the best... Ana V

I built my first website at the age of twelve to showcase my guitar collection. Rather than becoming a rockstar I decided to pursue my other passion, web development.

I've travelled the world several times and have been known to host the odd talk on my area of expertise. When I'm not glued to a screen I make music, take photos, surf waves and shred powder.

Some of the awesomely talented people I've worked with:

Rory, how can you help me?

To call any project a success, digital or not, we need it to reach its goals. To make a project phenomenal on the other hand, we need to create an emotional connection between your brand and your users. When it comes to the technical wizardry and nerdy stuff (like responsive design, user experience, analytics, newsletter signups, ux-flow and database schemas) I know my game so you don't have to.

Above award-winning design and development I can provide you with solid guidance and winning strategy whilst utilising proven tactics in fresh, creative ways to make you stand above your competition.

Clearly dedicated to getting it right.... Randy Larson


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